Statement: New ownership at Walsall FC


Walsall Supporters for Change wish to put on record our delight at the news that Leigh Pomlett has become the new Chairman of Walsall Football Club.

For the club to be under new ownership and with a plan in place to re-unite Walsall FC with the freehold is a truly historic turn of events. Our club has stagnated in recent times, moved backwards and become antiquated. This has caused a rift and toxicity between the club and supporters that could not have been rectified under the previous ownership.


With this appointment we look forward with cautious optimism to seeing a new approach and continued success with Mr. Pomlett at the helm.

We would urge supporters who has been staying away from The Banks’s Stadium to return. Now is the time to get behind the new Chairman, behind the new Manager, and behind our new team. A new era is here, so let’s support OUR Walsall FC.

One of our key aims as an organisation was to work towards a change of ownership. With this being realised ahead of everybody’s expectations we will now seek to foster a positive relationship with the new Chairman and his Board of Directors and work towards achieving positive outcomes for the football club and the fans.


We will continue to voice your concerns, and work on behalf of supporters to ensure this new era at Walsall FC prompts positive and lasting change.

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