Introductory meeting with Walsall FC


On Tuesday three members of Walsall Supporters for Change met with Walsall FC Chief Executive Stefan Gamble, Club Secretary Daniel Mole and Marketing Manager Daniel Clarke.

The meeting held at the Banks’s Stadium lasted for 90 minutes, with a range of issues discussed and the club made formally aware of WSFC, our mission, and future plans.

This was a mutually beneficial meeting, and it should be noted that the club are tentatively open to working with WSFC in a structured manner. The club are also open to offering WSFC representation at the monthly ‘Working Party’ meetings held with supporters' groups.


Short-term goals detailed in our mission statement regarding ticketing and attracting young supporters look to have been addressed by the club, with the following actions taken:

  • New season ticket platform created for supporters between 18 and 21

  • Improved match day pricing for supporters under 21 (yet to be announced)

  • The removal of fixture categorisation for the 2019/20 season*​

However, the following disclosures were made regarding the ownership of Walsall FC:​

  • Jeff Bonser has not discussed an exit plan with anyone at the football club

  • Jeff Bonser is happy to speak to interested parties if they have the ‘best interests of the club’ at heart

  • The club has never appointed agents to sell the club or land

  • The lease on the ground still has 76 years to run, with the option for an additional 25

  • Several club Directors would be willing to run the club should the need arise

  • The club currently owes around £1.5m in unpaid loans to Directors

In the ongoing spirit of transparency, the full minutes from the meeting will be published on this website once they have been ratified by both parties.

The first step on a long journey, but a decent start.

* Subject to change should a local rival or 'big club' drop from the Championship

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