Early Bird pricing offers a step in the right direction



The announcement of Early Bird Season Tickets for the 2019/2020 season can be interpreted as a largely positive step by the club, but there is still plenty of work to be done.

Amid uncertainty as to which division we will be playing in next season, the new pricing structure offers a very modest reduction of prices for adults and seniors, but importantly begins to address concerns about attracting and sustaining the support of the next generation of Saddlers.

Though figures regarding uptake will make interesting reading, the innovative Junior ticket scheme deserves continued praise, as do the Family Ticket deals available at different age levels.


But it is the introduction of a Young Persons (under-21) tier ranging from £125 to £175 that offers convincing evidence that the club are conscious of bridging the price gap for young supporters (and their parents) when they are no longer eligible for children's prices.

This new tiering also, to a certain extent, offers a marketable proposition for locally based students, though an equivalent on-the-gate scale for young adults unable to attend regularly due to work commitments or further education away from the borough would be welcomed.

Importantly, the revised structure has acknowledged calls for simplified pricing policies, a pleasing indication that the club are willing to listen to the concerns of supporters and make changes accordingly.


A good start, for which the board and the marketing department deserve praise - now for a similarly positive revision of match day pricing.

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