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Walsall Supporters for Change (WSFC) was founded in early 2019 amid growing disquiet amongst supporters regarding the operation and leadership of Walsall Football Club.

This unrest highlighted the widely perceived institutional mismanagement of the club, stemming from a lack of investment in the playing side, the increasingly poor relationship between Walsall FC and supporters, and the substandard facilities and level of customer service offered at the stadium.

Central to these concerns was the ongoing £400,000+ annual rental arrangement for the Banks's Stadium between the club and then-Chairman Jeff Bonser, a lack of communication from the club on this and other matters, and a marked decline in attendances.  

As such, WSFC was created in order to provide a new and independent vehicle to challenge the club on important issues and offer a fresh and proactive voice for Walsall supporters.

In the summer of 2019 Walsall Supporters for Change became an Associate Member of the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) and applied successfully to join monthly Working Party Meetings held between Walsall FC and supporter-run organisations.  

Following the departure of long-standing Chairman Jeff Bonser in July 2019, WSFC has pledged to support the leadership of the new majority owner, Leigh Pomlett.


We will however continue to engage the club on key issues including the ownership of the stadium, and represent our members and fellow supporters in what will hopefully be a bright and progressive era for everyone involved with Walsall FC.  

Our Values

Walsall Supporters for Change (WSFC) is a grassroots movement focused on raising the concerns of supporters with Walsall FC and improving relations between the club and fans.

» Independent


A fledgling movement, WSFC is not linked to any existing or previous groups/protests led by Walsall supporters, though we look to carry the spirit of past campaigns. 

» Transparent

WSFC is an open platform committed to transparency. All correspondence with Walsall Football Club will be made public through this website and the minutes of any formal meeting will be published for open viewing.  

» Sustained

With a detailed range of short and long term objectives, WSFC is committed to continued and sustained activity. We believe that only through patient, persistent and determined action can lasting change be achieved.

» Respectful

Though the movement will be focused on making Walsall FC recognise the concerns and expectations of supporters, this will be conveyed in a respectful manner.


All communication with the club will be direct but polite, and any membership drive or awareness event will be conducted through co-operation with the club's safety and security personnel, where necessary.  

A civil approach should also be extended to fellow supporters opposed to or un-associated with the group or any activities organised by WSFC.

» Inclusive

WSFC is a campaign open to all Walsall fans. If you'd like to become a member, please click here to join.


A formal constitution was drafted in the summer of 2019 and ratified by both the Football Supporters' Federation (FSF) and Walsall Football Club. In the spirit of transparency, our constitution can be viewed here or downloaded by clicking the PDF icon below.



An inaugural committee was established in July 2019, comprised of two founders and six members appointed following an appeal for volunteers. As a democratic organisation, our next committee will be chosen via election at our first AGM, to be held by June 2020.


Committee Members for 2019/20 are as follows:


Chairman: Mr R Harvey

Vice-Chairman: Mr C Saunders

Secretary & Treasurer: Mr S Mobey

Members: Cllr A Andrew, Mr G Oxley, Mr N Pritchard, Mrs S Pritchard, Mr B Worrall 


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